Vaccine relieves symptoms of allergic rhinitis


There are many people who suffer from allergies, they can be insignificant or intense, like those that are present all day and for any reason. If that is the case, it is about rhinitis, which is the mucosal inflammation that arises after a protective stimulus against viruses or bacteria, understood as a threat to the immune system. This discomfort is caused by dust, mites, perfume, pollen, among other causes.

However, those who suffer from allergies can rejoice because there is already a vaccine that decreases symptoms. It should be mentioned that it hardly came into force and the effects can be delayed, but after an analysis it will be possible to verify the effectiveness with which it acts in the body.

The purpose of the vaccine is to modify the immune system step by step, until it becomes a more powerful defense and that it resists the allergy components. The immunotherapy against rhinitis It is created from the antigen (agent of the causal allergy), and depending on the patient, it is sought to adapt it completely to the formula and application, explains the allergist Marcelo Vivolo Aun of Oswaldo Cruz Hospital (SP) in an article published in The Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology.

The medication will be applied progressively for months or years, once a week; If there is no negative effect, the dose will gradually increase until vaccination is achieved once a month.

It must be said that the vaccine does not cure rhinitis, but promises to counteract the attacks of sneezing and itching in the nose after months; in most cases it can last from one to five years, making the patient's allergic sensitivity almost imperceptible.

The otolaryngologist Edmir Américo Lourenço, professor of Medicine of Jundiaí SP, conducted an investigation in 2016 in which of 281 patients, 79 percent managed to reduce the most common signs of allergies.

The vaccine has more than one benefit: besides attacking allergies, it presents a solution for those that are related to it, asthma is one. It is very important that the treatment is followed to the letter, otherwise it will trigger local or generalized allergic reactions.

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