Univision announces first telenovela starring a gay couple


The soap operas will take a turn. In the near future, Univision will broadcast one that will surely attract attention for a particular reason: the main couple of the plot will be integrated by two gay characters, Cuauhtémoc and Aristóteles, starring Joaquín Bondoni and Emilio Osorio, respectively.

With the telenovela, Univisión will make history since it is the first time that the United States will have one of this type; In addition, it will be at prime time, 9:00 p.m. Eastern; the premiere will be on June 24.

The heart is never wrong It's the name of the telenovela. It's based on the Mexican telenovela My husband has more family, in which for the first time Cuauhtémoc and Aristotle were observed as a homosexual couple.

The protagonists are two teenagers, the story takes place in Mexico, and focuses on the difficulties they will have to face before society, since they suffer endless criticism for being a couple of the same sex.

Laura Flores will also be in the telenovela and thus she returns to Televisa after seven years. Others of the actors are Leticia Calderón, Sergio Sendel, Helena Rojo, Nuria Bages; the producer is Juan Osorio.

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