Ugly Duckling actress reveals experience she suffered when she was only 16


Sadly, violence against women is the bread of every day around the world, and before the weariness of this everyday we have decided to stop being silent. In social networks movements were born to visualize these aggressions as # Cuéntalo, # YoTambién, #MeToo and #WhyIDidntReport. Thousands of brave women have come together to tell their stories and this time it was the turn of the actress Thelma Fardín.

During a press conference of the collective Argentine actresses, Fardín accused singer and actor Juan Darthés of abusing her during a promotional tour of the children's soap opera Ugly Duckling, in 2009, when I was just a 16-year-old girl and he was a 45-year-old adult.

For nine years I annulled it so I could move on, until a few months ago I heard another girl accuse the same person and that was a slap on the face for me.

This is not the first time that Darthés is singled out for this crime. Previously the actresses Ana Coacci, Natalia Juncos and Calu Rivero reported having suffered aggression on their part. The courage of these women motivated Thelma not only to tell her story but to go to Nicaragua (where everything happened) to make a formal complaint to the authorities.

Through a video he wanted his story to reach the whole world and that's how it happened

Thelma Fardín uploaded a series of videos to her Instagram account to denounce the actor and that the case was not left in the dark because one of the most powerful weapons a woman has is her voice. You can watch the video on this link.

Every time women denounce their aggressor there are those who question them, but this answer is all we need to read

And before the samples of support, Thelma could only thank

THANK YOU for listening, for believing and, above all, for continuing to make noise. You have to get a thousand layers of fear out of you. Fear of not having more work, to be seen as something broken, to be broken; to see you as a woman secondhand, as a victim, as a trauma; that they mark you as poor, that they mark you as a liar, that they mark you. That they mark you more.

Because the first thing you submit to is the doubt, the look of the other. The word of the woman who accuses the man of having raped her immediately puts her in doubt. Will you want to get money? Do you want to be famous? There are even people who do not even put question marks to those statements. Maybe she seduced him, she was walking alone at that time and that neighborhood, she also looks at how she dresses, she looked for it, she? Seriously?

Since I decided to take charge of what happened to me, I still feel that I have to live up to it. I have to know more about feminism, about laws, about psychology so as not to leave room for doubts. I have to be more than a victim because society, justice, opinion, everything that in the face of doubt protects him, does not reach my truth, the truth.

It's never the victim's fault

Thelma added that he tells his story not because it is a unique case, but precisely because it is not. That in spite of the fear and of putting itself under a focus in which many will judge her, the silence is worse because that ate her for a long time, damaged her self-esteem, her bonds and her security.

Speaking of her experience, the actress wants to raise awareness and help more people who have gone through or experience the same situation not to feel isolated, fearful or guilty, but to take courage to speak up.

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