Two brothers recreate their childhood in funny photos You will die of laughter!


Recreating childhood photos has become a trend on the internet, and this wonderful calendar that the Luxton brothers prepared as a Christmas present for their mother is probably one of the best examples we have seen of this trend.

The premise is simple and can be done by anyone, just simply choose some of the best and funniest pictures of childhood and do everything possible to retake them as adults.

Joe Luxton, has created a Tumblr account titled Then now to document the results. What makes these images so pleasing is that the brothers made an effort not only to make the same poses and facial expressions, but also to make the scenarios coincide as much as possible with the originals.

At least judging from some of the photographs, their fraternal bond has grown stronger as they have grown. Joe and Geb even got their father, dog and uncle to participate with them too.

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