Twitter reveals that 70% of Katy Perry's followers are fake; Taylor Swift is the queen


In previous weeks, the president of the United States, Donald Trump, was the center of the controversy after a supposed falsification of followers on Twitter. When in doubt, the first president's account was placed under an audit with the help of an application that generates an exact count of the percentage of real followers and possible robots. The result was 49 percent of false followers.

The viral news platform Digital Spy, honoring his name (the digital spy), did not hesitate a second before trying the same audit with the, until then, Twitter queen, Katty Perry. The result was devastating for the singer: 70 percent of fake followers. Another surprise even more uncomfortable? Your unofficial nemesis, Taylor Swift, was unwittingly crowned as the queen of the famous social network thanks to the same review.

More than half of Katy's followers are robots

According to the application Twitter Audit only about 32 percent of Perry's followers are real, which means that almost 67 million of the accounts that follow the singer of Firework They have less soul than a rock. Auch! It is not known if any Perry fan club is responsible for creating false accounts to raise the popularity of the celeb, or if the same team of the singer was the creator of the embarrassing figure.

And as if this was not enough, the same viral news magazine, dared to do the same audit, to Taylor Swift, just to check their numbers. The innocent counting revealed that she is the singer with the least false followers on Twitter: her result was 88 percent of real accounts in her favor.

Perry had already publicly accepted his fight with Swift

During the recent debut of his album Witness, Perry surprised with the single Swish Swish, which is, unofficially, a declaration of war for the singer Taylor Swift and although Perry assured that it is no more than a hymn against bullysHe also publicly declared his touch with Swift and his desire that karma should take Taylor a toll, as he explained during his appearance in Carpool Karaoke next to James Corden.

(After the fight) it was a shame that she (Swift) wrote a song about me (Bad Boold), and I said okay, very good, yes that's what you want: KARMA. I believe in Newton's Law, cause-effect: if you do something, there will be a reaction and believe me when I tell you there will be.

Can not we just get along?

One Love Manchester It was a concert that was offered on Saturday June 3 in honor of the victims of the terrorist attack at the end of the Ariana Grande concert, and Perry was one of the most congratulated singers during her participation, as she made a tribute wearing a dress that I carried the images of the deceased.

Katy Perry is a great artist, and she has repeatedly shown great heart with her fellow artists and her audience, and we believe that that is what is really worthwhile. I hope the absurd dispute between queens of Twitter to forget soon and these two celebrities fix their differences.

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