Turn your daughters into sports princesses to demonstrate female strength


The stereotypes in the roles of male and female are less and less, although there are parents who continue to wear pink to their daughters and blue to their children. This is a cultural phenomenon that, unfortunately, was fostered generation after generation.

However, there is a group of parents who break with these patterns and promote the opposite, just as the photographer Heather Mitchell did when capturing her daughters as a sports princess.

Heather had the idea of ​​capturing female power through photographs; However, the idea did not arise in the most entertaining way, but after listening to some comments about his eight-year-old daughter.

The little one was in her softball practice, Heather talked with other mothers and suddenly one of them told her: your daughter is not athletic, she is a more feminine girl and you should stay that way.

For Heather, practicing a sport and being feminine at the same time is not contradictory, since using blush and shoes does not reduce strength when hitting a ball or holding a bat.

For this reason, the next day she captured the beauty of her daughters mixing the best of sporty rudeness and femininity. Minutes after posting the images on his Facebook account, he began receiving friend requests, requests for similar sessions and interviews from various media outlets.

During an interview for Today NBC Philadelphia, Heather confessed:

I practiced all sports offered and I used lipstick in every game, I never received a comment similar to the one my daughter received.

Our daughters do not have to choose. My parents taught me that I could be what I wanted to grow. I did not realize until I was much older that not everyone is so blessed.

No matter what your dreams are, they can always achieve it, but you must remember that there is no mold and that we have to be able to break everything that binds us to a reality that is not true and that leads to eternal unhappiness.

Now its publication has gone viral to be shared more than 190 thousand times; is titled: Because you can do everything.

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