True love comes to your life between 27 and 35 years: study


After a romantic disappointment it is normal to think that we will never find our better half and we are condemned to live the rest of our days in solitude. Well, not really alone, but surrounded by at least 15 cats.

In our eagerness to find that special person before the train passes, we tend to settle for those who do not meet our expectations (how many of us can feel identified with this?). Society has taught us that if at 25 we do not have a home, work and family, we have failed, but it is impossible to have a determined life at that age, so take that idea away from your head!

If you're just in your twenties and you feel pressured because you do not know who you'll spend the rest of your life with, quiet. According to the mathematical Hannah Fry, you will find true love between 27 and 35 years.

The theory of the optimal stop

In every action there is an ideal point to maximize the results or minimize the damage, in which we must stop before moving on to the next stage. This is known as the optimal stop theory, and it is the mix between being patient and being alert.

Surely you are thinking: and how does this apply to my relationships? . Well, for Fry it is obvious that human emotions are not so ordered or are so rational or predictable, yet love and life are full of patterns that can be studied. So it is possible to predict at what age you will find true love.

It is obvious that it is not advisable to marry the first person you date or show a bit of interest in you because you do not have a margin of comparison to know how good or bad your days will be with him or her.

Imagine that you start dating people at 15 and that you want to get married at 35. There are many potential partners at that time. The rule, obviously, is that once you get married you can not keep looking to see what you missed. Mathematics says that what you should do with the first 37 percent of your appointments is to reject them all as serious prospects for marriage. And then you should choose the next person who arrives and is better than the previous ones you rejected.

According to mathematics, this would be between 27 and 35 years. For Fry, it is the best way to maximize your chances of finding the perfect partner and is so efficient that even some species of animals use this method to mate with the best candidate.

To take accounts has been said!

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