Toy Story fans create their own stop motion version in eight years!


Even though the first film of Toy Story it came out 24 years ago, this production continues to thrill both those of us who grew up with it and the new generations, not for nothing do we look forward to the premiere of the fourth installment! While some of us enjoy watching the adventures of these living toys, others do not settle for being mere spectators.

Morgan and Mason McGrew are two brothers who dedicated eight years! of your life to recreate toy Story 3 with real toys in one version stop motion. That is to be a true fan!

It is, indisputably, our favorite movie of all time. It means everything to us, so it was amazing to be able to devote time to translate it in real life. We both dreamed of having a room like Andy's when we were kids.

Morgan and Mason are 19 and 16 years old

They started their project in 2011

The first step was to get the toys

Then they recreated Andy's room

And to film has been said!

They used the animation technique stop motion

They took thousands of photographs to create the sequences

And of course, there were moments to rest

Play with the dog

And even take it selfies

The production of the brothers will be released on September 19

But since we can not wait, they gave us this great trailer:

How much imagination, talent and effort!

Toy Story 4 | Official Trailer (April 2021)