Toxic co-workers, more harmful than a bad boss


A job must grow both personally and professionally. But what happens when instead of welfare it becomes a nightmare?

This can happen due to different situations: not being comfortable with what is done, a boss who, instead of being a leader, becomes an executioner or toxic companions, the main cause to generate a negative work environment.

Scientists from Tel Aviv University tracked 820 workers between 25 and 65 years old for two decades. It all started in the year of 1988 with a medical examination and some questions about his colleagues at work. The experiment showed that the main source of stress for the employees was the lack of empathy with their colleagues, as well as insane competition and office gossip.

Middle-aged people who did not feel or did not have the support of their peers were more likely to die than those who managed to team up with their peers.

This analysis is not the only one that proves that a bad work environment among peers is the main cause of stress. A study conducted by the recruitment platform TINUpulse supports it.

40 thousand anonymous professionals were surveyed and it was concluded that the happiness of an employee is 23.3 percent more related to his colleagues than to his boss. Likewise, 62 percent of the participants said that their coworkers were the ones who caused them more stress than their own leader.

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