Tom Hardy would play Jafar in the live-action version of Aladdin; would be the sexiest villain


A few days ago Tom Hardy moved the Internet to say goodbye to his puppy Woodstock through an emotional letter. Today, Batman's sexy rival could surprise us with a new role.

Disney is changing the way we see princesses and fairy tales, their stories are coming to life thanks to their versions live action, and now it's time to turn Aladdin. Although there is still a long way to go, there are already rumors about the celebrities who will be on the tape, such as Will Smith and of course, Hardy.

Disney could have the sexiest villain in history

One of the most popular characters in the film, despite being the villain, is the fearsome sorcerer Jafar. His black and ironic humor, his comic touch and his astuteness when challenging Aladdin, made him one of the most charismatic characters and it turns out that, according to some rumors, the actor chosen to play the character could be Tom Hardy.

Jasmine could fall in love with Jafar

The British newspaper The Sun, reported that the film director Guy Ritchie, is very interested in Hardy to play the enigmatic villain, and is already in talks with him.

Everything depends on the agenda of the actor, this will define whether he joins the cast or not.

Ritchie stated.

Place your bets!

Taking into account that the film will be more of a musical, it is impossible not to think about how strange Hardy will be playing some songs, maybe this is another reason, for which he has not yet confirmed his participation; however, we know that any role you play will do it in an excellent way.

Tom Hardy Tapped to Play Villain in Live-Action Aladdin? (January 2021)