Tom Hardy says goodbye to his beloved dog Woodstock; It's the cutest thing you'll see today


To love a dog is to know that your feeling is reciprocated; They are the most beautiful and affectionate creatures in the world, devoted and loyal to their masters, they are always there to chase away the sadness and if they can not handle it, they join you and lie on your lap until you feel better.

All of us who love animals and have had the misfortune of losing one of these tender friends, we can understand the pain that British actor Tom Hardy is feeling when he dismisses his inseparable Woodstock.

This beautiful dog accompanied him on the red carpet at various events, such as the premiere of the film Legend. Unfortunately he can not do it anymore, after losing the battle against an illness.

After finding him on the side of a road in Atlanta, lost and disoriented, 6 years ago, Woodstock became Hardy's faithful companion and he, to honor his memory, wrote a beautiful letter on the page that promotes the adoption of animals. .

The first time I saw Woodstock running near a toll booth in the early hours of a dark night in Peachtree, Atlanta, Georgia, I was filming the movie Sin Ley. I was an eleven-week-old street dog and I thought Oh no! I quickly went for it without knowing it was a dog. We stopped the car. It was literally dark. I used my phone to illuminate the road in case a car came on the highway and could not see us. He fled from me. I tried to catch him, but he was very fast. I watched this thing run across the road in the dark at very good speed, sorting through cars and trucks, and I remember seeing what were a few drooping ears above the traffic. It was a small ball, literally, with two huge brown eyes. looking directly at mine. Terrified completely, but quiet. When I caught him and went back to the car, he lay on my shoulder and fell asleep. I'll never forget that night, it was beautiful.

I will always be eternally grateful to Georgia He was an angel. And he was my best friend. We live many things together Everyone who knew him loved him, he did not have a bad bone in his body. All he knew was love.

Normally I do not like to talk about my family or friends, but this is an unusual circumstance. Woody influenced the lives of many people with his incredible way of being, so with all the respect he deserves and with all my pain and broken heart, I regret to inform you that after a tough battle of 6 months against an aggressive polymyositis, he died a couple of days ago I was only 6 years old. He was too young to leave us and everyone at home is devastated by his loss. I am grateful for your faithful company and love and it comforts me to know that you are not suffering anymore. I am completely devastated, the world was a better place for me at his side.

For the best friend in the world. For me and my family who love him beyond words and for him who loved me no doubt beyond what I could imagine. Woody was the best travel companion I could ever imagine. Our souls will be together forever.

Someone told me that he was very special, the best example of man's best friend

Thanks Woody for choosing us. We will love you and I will be with you and you with us forever. We will never forget you. Your friend Tom xxx, I love you beyond what I can express. Until the moon and back. Beyond Infinity. Run with Max now that you are our angels. I'll see you soon when I get there. I love you with all my heart. Forever. Thank you for your love, beautiful boy.

In this tender way, the actor showed us how much he loved his pet and how much he will miss in the future, but he is aware that although he is not present in the flesh, Woody will always be by his side.

He also posted a video of the best moments he lived with his friend

Tom supports the adoption of stray dogs

Adoption is Love.

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