To the girl who replaced me: Please take care of him


Dear substitute:

There are some things you should know now that you are the one who has your love.

Do not let it surprise you how quickly you will fall in love with him, and do not be afraid to fall in love. He will be there to catch you. Do not let my Facebook account intimidate you. There are still a lot of photos of us, but, although I can hardly admit it, photos are a thing of the past. In addition, he has already deleted almost all of them.

He can not talk about me with you, nor did he tell his friends when we finished, so they do not know much about me either. It was a beautiful love story, but that is already part of the past, now you are its present, and perhaps, also its future.

We do not know each other, but I'm completely sure you do not like it. I must confess that I got upset when I found out about your existence, but the truth is that we have something wonderful in common, and that it has us connected, whether we like it or not.

I will not send you text messages, nor will I give you like to his publications on social networks. I can not tell you the secrets that he has, it costs me time to discover them. But just trust that there are reasons why he does not say what you want him to say, or why he does not do what you want him to do.

He will spoil you from time to time, but you must remember that he is prudent with his expenses. He tries to buy only what he needs. You will notice how he is excited as a small child with certain things, he learns to hear that giggle in his laughter.

When you know which is your favorite movie, sit down with it to see it; I know it's boring and almost impossible not to fall asleep, but make the attempt. You will realize how much he likes to watch movies; In fact, he prefers that to leave.

Sometimes, you will see him drunk or angry. It has a very strong character, although I'm sure you already noticed it. Do not take it personally. When they fight, let him go, I assure you that he will return with that smile and the bright look, those that make you vulnerable.

When you fall in love with yourself, do not be scared if you see him cry, because it is the only thing that provokes those emotions in him. Love.

When he falls in love with you, you will realize that you sleep better at night, and when it rains, with a simple embrace he disappears all your fears. When this happens, you will always look forward to the simplest things, like walks, because simply holding your hand makes you blush.

He is capable of doing everything you ask of him, and you will rarely have to beg him. He does not like to publish his relationship or his feelings, so do not expect that from him. Be satisfied with knowing that he loves you. He may not think about you all the time, but he will do it often enough.

His dreams are bigger than his own confidence allows him to believe, so it's your job to tell him every day how handsome he looks, how smart he is and all he's capable of achieving. He probably will not believe you: still, do not stop telling him.

It will make you see the world from another perspective and you will begin to question things you did not know. He does not know how to cook, so do not expect him to do it. He's going to make you laugh with his little jokes, and if you do something he does not like, he'll raise an eyebrow and stare at you.

When they leave, he looks at you all the time, and it will only be you and him, no matter how many people are around him. When they dance everything will be perfect. Do not let any of this scare you and love it as you deserve. He will tell you about his past and his mistakes: just take him by the hand and make him feel that you do not judge him.

He is a better person thanks to his past, and if he is now with you it is because his past relationships failed. I hope you really love him, he deserves it, and I hope he loves you as much as I thought he loved me. I hope he is honest with you in a way that never was with me. But, above all, I hope I give you that fairytale life that one day I thought it would be my turn to live.

IMPORTANT: You must know that I have nothing against you but, to be honest, I feel jealous of you. Do not worry, I already accept what happened and I am happy that someone else has the opportunity to experience everything that I experienced.

I hope that one day we can meet. Truly. As I said, we have a connection that not many people have, and I'm sure you're a good person. And I know because he knows a woman really before falling in love, he does not look only at the appearance. It is a quality that not many men have.

I only ask you one last thing: Do not make him suffer as he made me suffer. Although I believe in karma and that people get what they have sown, I will never want him to suffer.You're dating the man of your dreams and I'm being honest when I tell you that I hope your relationship works.


His ex girlfriend

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