To stay is to be satisfied: 5 reasons why you MUST move at least 5 times in LIFE

There is a reason why the word mudarte sounds so good. It means a new beginning, leaving the old and worn to start over. Because there are few things better than the new beginnings.

Life tends to stagnate, losing its charm after a while, because it becomes monotonous and boring. Change of city at least 5 times in life gives you 5 opportunities to meet new places, open your heart and renew your life.

It's time to leave, leave your room, go somewhere, anyone. Encourage the feeling of happiness and freedom. Widen your lungs, fill your eyes, be alert, awaken, awaken vividly in every sense and in every pore. Stefan Zweig

1. Stay away from what you know

The first time you move away from everything it will be as if you learned to fly, and you will realize that the only thing that stops you is yourself. You do not have wings, but instead you have your legs, planes, trains, buses, cars and boats that can take you anywhere.

The world is in front of you, and it has infinite possibilities for you. But first you have to leave your nest and learn to say goodbye to everything you knew, free yourself from fear and learn that the first step is the most difficult, but not impossible. Remember that the sky is the limit.

2. Discover new experiences

The second time you walk away, it will be like a movement caused by curiosity: it happens because you are tired of the comfort of your environment. You will seek to feel again and although you will not be able to know everything, the most rewarding thing is that you will try to do it.

You do not know what people you will meet or what you will find along the way; You will not know how to get there, but you'll still get there. You will make new friends and feel the emotion again, just like when you had your first move. The experiences and adventures can give you a future that you had not even imagined.

3. Pursue love

To pursue love is to pursue happiness. Love is the reason why we move every day, we fight and we get up. It is all that you continue to advance and above all, it is the reason that encourages you to meet new people. Because love is the last stop. It is the only thing worth traveling to know new experiences, because it creates a whirlwind of madness and happiness.

4. Escape from love

Love is not eternal or infinite. It can become a momentary love that gives peace to your heart or a lasting romance with which you can assume to spend your whole life.

Just as you realize that true love exists, you must also have the ability to know when it is ending. That is when you must be strong to get away in search of new loves, keeping your heart open to all possibilities. Love is not defined by the time it lasts, but by the ability to change.

5. Start all over again

Establishing yourself is an objective that you have to constantly challenge, because it is linked to comfort. If we resign ourselves to how easy it will be, we will want to continue living new experiences.

Change the tranquility of living in comfort for something bigger and continues to change to be reborn again and again. Being willing to evolve and transform gives you new versions of yourself and, above all, do not allow what you have created to become the definitive place: it is better to never be satisfied. Exploring, changing and moving opens the doors to us to venture into the unknown and enjoy it.

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