To sleep with a spoon! With this pillow there will be no more sleeping arms


When you have a boyfriend, one of the most beautiful situations is sleeping of teaspoon. Taking a nap embraced in this position transmits security, tranquility, peace and love; therefore, it becomes one of the most enjoyable experiences, especially if it is practiced during the winter.

But not everything is honey on flakes and sleeping in this position has a problem: who gets to be the big spoon his arm is always numb, so the adorable moment of to spoon ends. Fortunately, this is over because they have created Coodle Pillow, a special pillow for these moments.

The pillow was made by Bob, a boyfriend tired of his arm getting numb every time he made teaspoons with his girlfriend Shirley.

To make it only cut a piece of foam and with it wrapped a plastic that had been folded in the oven, resulting in a pillow in which forms a kind of tunnel that allows to put the arm and the other person support the head. The weight falls completely on the pillow and not on the arm of whoever acts as the big spoon.

If you want your own Pillow Coil, you can get it on Amazon for an affordable price. It is an investment that both you and your boyfriend will appreciate.

The best thing about this pillow is that you do not need to have a partner to lie on it, since you can use it to relax your back or watch movies and series without your neck suffering numbness.

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