Times change and Disney could soon have its first gay princess; Will we be ready for that?


The Disney company was born more than 90 years ago and since then it has delighted families from all over the world with its films, programs and characters. If something characterizes this dream factory, it is its constant evolution, its adaptation to the environment and the ideological situation.

An example of this is the change we have seen in the princesses: we began 80 years ago with Snow White and a little later with Sleeping Beauty, both beautiful girls who wait for the Prince Charming; but in 1990 the princesses got tired of being rescued and started a stage in which they became heroines. Check out these examples:

Merida, the brave princess

To continue with the examples of princesses that have adapted to the historical context is Merida, the redheaded princess of Brave who seeks a gender equality to exploit his passion for the bow and arrow, refuses to marry a stranger because what he seeks is autonomy. This movie was released in 2012 but 60 years ago it would not have been well seen. The story was created for this generation of women who are more interested in growing and achieving something for themselves than in getting married and dedicating 100 percent to being housewives.

Frozen: Elsa, the independent princess

In this film we can see the princesses Elsa and Anna. While the second has a sweeter personality and similar to that of the other Disney girls. Elsa is more self-sufficient, that's why the gay community has launched a campaign on Twitter with a hashtag what does it say #GiveElsaAGrilfriend, or Give Elsa a girlfriend, asking Disney that the beloved princess be a lesbian for the sequel to this animation.

Disney's policies

Originally Disney was known to be a producer that promoted traditional family values, therefore, a children's film does not seem like a suitable place to deal with sexual issues. But in every film of princesses or superheroes there are relationships, moms, dads, uncles, aunts, princes and princesses, that set the standard of romantic love. This company has evolved and reflects the change of social norms including characters of different ethnicities in their characters, therefore, would it be logical to think that the next step is to create a hero with two parents or give a girlfriend to a princess?

It's time to turn around

The fans They argue on Twitter that it would have been helpful to have some gay character in the movies when they were little, because maybe that would have made society more sensitive. On the other hand, studies suggest that seeing a homosexual character in popular entertainment could diminish prejudices toward that group of people, says Edward Schiappa, a professor of Comparative Media Studies at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology:

There is no doubt that for children, seeing homosexual characters portrayed positively could have a significant effect that contributes to learning about the world.

And Disney? What are your statements?

Some groups of parents believe that including homosexual characters is unacceptable because they can contribute negatively to the perception and development of children, other groups think otherwise. Fortunately, this is Disney's position:

We have always been inclusive, with stories that reflect acceptance and tolerance, we celebrate the differences that make us unique and wonderful in our own way of being Disney is committed to continue creating accessible and related characters for all children.


At the moment there is no official statement from Thomas O. Staggs, director of operations of the company. It is speculating that Elsa could have a girlfriend in the delivery of Frozen in 2018 or that Moana could be chosen, but nothing is confirmed. Even so, there is an advance in the fight for equity in the film of Zootopia where you can observe a couple of gay antelopes and in a chapter of an animated series called Buena suerte Charlie, the main character has two mothers. For the moment we will have to wait a little longer for a homosexual princess.

Disney Is Reportedly Making Elsa A Lesbian In Frozen 2 (January 2020)