This woman was accused of FINGER her drastic weight loss, she ANSWERED A) Yes


Simone Anderson of New Zealand, like many people, has struggled with her weight all her life, enduring years of diet and exercise. She is an independent stylist who has narrated all of her weight loss journey in her Instagram and Facebook accounts, where she has gained thousands of followers.

In August of last year, Simone decided it was time to make a change

In 11 months, he has lost 86 kilos through a combination of diet, exercise and weight loss surgery.

Your updates include weekly checks where you write detailed notes of your progress.

Now he weighs about half the kilos he had when he started his journey.

Recently, Anderson published his latest progress:

I'm officially half the person I was 11 months ago! Going from 169 kg to 83.85 kg is something that I can not even begin to explain with words, so great is this achievement.

Most of the comments on their social media accounts have inspired many people:

Some even wrote that they did not believe that Anderson was the same person that appears in both photos:

They accused her of faking her achievement, saying that if she had really lost so much weight she would have a large excess of skin and stretch marks.

Although the positive comments outweigh the negatives, Anderson said she is worried about her enemies.

I think it's because it took me hours of crying and debated if I wanted to share my story so that others could see it. Publishing the first image with my weight is the most difficult thing I have done.

Simone devised a perfect answer. He published a photo showing his excess skin

even though he said it was a hard image to share with the world.

Many people wrote that they appreciated Simone Anderson for being so honest about what it really meant to lose a lot of weight.

Now she has been surprised to see that her message resonates with so many people

For me to see that the story is viral is something that I honestly never expected, so it has taken me completely by surprise and I am impressed. But I am proud of having the guts to show and show people that they do not believe in me, and that they have affected me in a way that I never imagined.

Simone hopes that her story will inspire people to accept their shortcomings.

We would be a better world if we all started to truly love ourselves, from the inside to the outside.

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