This woman shares a powerful message about her body on Instagram; and it moves the whole Internet


Society is used to seeing thin and attractive women with tall, muscular or handsome men. However, there are couples who do not fit into these profiles and simply love each other just as they are.

Unfortunately, several women have trouble understanding this, because the social pressure to look a certain way is increasing, and we end up losing confidence in our body. The same thing happened to Jazzy, who when she shared a picture of her vacation on Instagram, received negative comments about her overweight, but she responded like a lady. Your message has inspired thousands of women around the world.

She is Jazzy, a loving family mother

Jazzy is an aspiring model who uses her Instagram to promote self-esteem and acceptance of the body. He is a lover of the gym and is moving the whole Internet with a nice message.

She constantly wondered how it was possible for her husband to love her

Until recently, it was difficult for her to understand how her husband thought she was attractive. To get out of his doubt, he shared a photo of his last vacation on his Instagram account, adding a message of self-love.

She felt insecure about her body

Through the years, this man has loved every curve, every roll and every mark that there is on my body. I never understood why How could I love something that is not perfect? How could a handsome man love someone like me?

I do not have a flat stomach, in fact it moves when I walk, it is hell if I run down the stairs, it seems that I applaud every time I step down.
But now I see that I have the perfect body. Each roll, each curve and each mark on me are simply perfect for both of us to be happy.
I love my body and finally I see why my husband loves it too!

Everything changed when she began to love herself

The message has reached more than 71 thousand people who have felt identified and motivated with their history of self-assessment, and they have deserved the respect and admiration of several of them.

Now it's an example of motivation and self-esteem

Jazzy has achieved the dream of every woman: to accept herself as she is. Definitely her children and husband have been the main source of love and inspiration for her, her self-esteem and her beauty.

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