This woman has created the most crazy shoes; They have a pigeon shape and the Internet goes crazy


Most of the girls love the shoes, it does not matter if they are red, blue, silver or black; neither are they flats or high-heeled, miner or boots Dr. Martens, we will never have enough in our closet, to complete a outfit

Kyoto Ohata, is a recognized Japanese shoemaker who understands perfectly the relationship between women and shoes, and makes unique styles for her clients; However, his latest creation is going around the world, as it seems to step on living pigeons, causing all kinds of comments on the Internet, although the truth is that as extravagant as a pair of shoes, we will never stop buying them.

Kyoto Ohata is a recognized shoemaker in Japan

His work is handmade.

His latest creation is causing great controversy

He puts all his creativity in each of his creations.

It is renewing the history of footwear

For pigeon shoes, he has used some of his most expensive shoes.

In an epic way

Each of the shoes was lined with previously decorated gray felt.

With the help of nature and its creativity

The idea of ​​creating this style arose from his morning walks.

It is capturing pigeons in 3D on various sneakers

Ohata, journeys daily through an area full of pigeons, which fled in terror when they saw their shoes crossing the place.

Winning the admiration of some and the hatred of others

To avoid disturbing the birds that inhabit the area, Ohata created this line of footwear camouflage.

What probably few know

With them he pretends to keep the birds calm while eating or sleeping.

It is that these shoes besides being made by hand

For this reason, he has put all his efforts into creating a friendly line with the environment and its surroundings.

They have a very specific purpose

Apparently everyone can live in their own place.

Do not disturb real pigeons

They were identical!

Ohata, walks daily through an area full of pigeons

After making his Ohata walking birds, he decided to try his invention.

The birds scatter and flutter to avoid it

Apparently his invention worked perfectly.

So Ohara took matters into his own hands

So far the birds have not identified the intruders.

Now they all walk on the same sidewalk without any fear

Ohata has forgotten the annoying flutter of birds, feels more comfortable during her walks and is really friendly with other beings.

All an example of respect for nature.

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