This woman documented what it means to be a mother every day with the help of a selfie stick


Surely all women know, or at least understand, how difficult it is to be a mother; but we rarely reflect on those specific moments with which every mother can identify. Those details that remind you of who you are next to that little being you care for and protect.

This is how Julia Skorobogatov, a Russian photographer, created a photographic series about a full day in the life of a single mother with her little baby and all the daily tasks in her home. The result was incredible, because the cutest thing of all is that he took these photos with a selfie stick. Learn about the daily adventures of this mother and her little baby!

The day starts very early

And it does not always start well

But a mother knows how to rescue the morning

You are never alone

Every free minute should be used

It's always a race against time

The gestures at lunch time are basic

When they also want to take control

Your baby helps you to eat too

And accompanies her in all domestic tasks

It's really fun to get ready to go out

to the doctor

Park time is enjoyed more by her daughter

But the beauty salon time is for the mother

Going to the supermarket is a team effort

Both girls pay attention to the labels

Help the older daughter to be fashionable

It's dinner time

After brushing teeth

But there are still tasks to finish

Hang clean clothes

Iron while playing

Bath time for the mother

And for the little princess too

That pain when you're seeing everything but me

In the end, the dream defeats the mother first

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