This woman ADOPTS the four daughters of her best friend after she died of CANCER


This story began as a promise between two friends, and ended up uniting two families in one. Elizabeth Diamond was diagnosed in 2014 with stage 4 brain cancer. As a single mother of 4 children, her biggest concern was the future of her daughters when it was all over.

Laura Ruffino, her best friend since the fifth grade, made a promise right after her diagnosis. If something happens to me, I want you to take care of my girls, Elizabeth asked. Laura immediately accepted.

In April, it was time for Laura, along with her husband Rico (with whom she has two daughters of her own), to fulfill their promise. Elizabeth died at the age of 40, and from then on, her 4 daughters, ages 5 to 12, were adopted by her best friend.

The sudden growth of the Ruffino family has not been easy. Your house is small, and the expenses have increased considerably. But, fortunately, they are not alone is this. Elizabeth Diamond co-founded with Rebecca Joy Lesniak the Buffalo Wellness Center, a non-profit, holistic organization, through which she dedicated herself to helping others. Now it's time for all your effort to be rewarded.

Lesniak and the rest of the Wellness Center community have created an account to raise funds and help the Ruffino family financially. The story has spread throughout the web and so far they have raised 24 thousand dollars.

The Ruffinos are adapting to their new life in the best possible way, and with the help of others they are gradually moving forward, fulfilling the most important promise of their lives. This is his phrase:

Ten years ago, we did not think our life would be this way. But if these things come to you, you simply have to accept the challenge and do the best you can.

How Family is Adjusting to Life After Adopting Best Friend's Four Daughters (January 2021)