This vegan bride forbids the entrance to her wedding to those who eat meat

The stories of brides, better known as Bridezillas, they are becoming increasingly popular. This curious phenomenon can affect almost any future bride, although this is friendly and rational. However, a new story emerged on Reddit, shared by the user Gelatin_Monkey7, which is very interesting.

The user received the invitation to a wedding, he was delighted but there was a small problem: the bride forbade to attend his party to all people who were not vegan. The woman referred to her family and friends as murderers just for eating meat and made it clear that they would not be welcome. The post provoked an intense debate in which the users of social networks questioned the tolerance and choice that some brides have about their weddings.

The bride invited all her family then she regretted

Apparently he wanted it to be a family event, but in the end he thought better of everything and decided not to invite them, including his mother, because he wanted it to be a completely vegan wedding. The user shared the details of why the bride:

Some members of the family were warned that they are not invited to my wedding because we do not want to receive murderers. Our wedding is supposed to be one of the happiest days of our life. They have always attacked me and my partner just for being vegan, but when it comes to my wedding they want to be all friends again. I do not want the burden of having people who kill animals (the very beings we are trying to protect) at my wedding, in my conscience.

The family wanted to see her happy, but she was not cooperating

The family was happy to become vegans for a day or the weekend. But that was not good enough, she wanted them to make a lifelong commitment to be vegan or they would not be invited to the party.

To the bridesmaids the invitation was withdrawn

As the discussion progressed, the bridesmaids were also disinvited and they became toxic people; One of them spoke about the measures her friend took:

We went from being her best friends to becoming toxic and bad people that she does not want in her life. Literally no one in her family has criticized her for being a vegan, everything is in her head. All your annoyance is because we refuse to make a commitment for life.

Some users criticized the situation

I can not imagine anyone (other than his mom) not being really upset by this strange and great drama.

I have been a vegan for 20 years and I always tell these people that they need to relax or that they will lose their heads or at least all their friends. Some people can not do anything without getting involved in everything and I mean losing their minds in the process. It's crazy

Vegan Bridezilla Bans Meat-Eating Family Members from Wedding? (April 2021)