This sexy photo session inspired by Harry Potter will leave you in Petrificus Totalus


If you're a fan of movies Harry Potter and you thought that there could be something more perfect than Daniel Radcliffe or something more sexy than the transformation of Matthew Lewis after playing Neville Longbottom Get ready, because Photographer Sarah Hester has just done a photo shoot inspired by Harry Potter that will definitely take your breath away.

Sarah is a fan of the saga of Harry Potter, so for his last session he was inspired by the famous magician; and with the help of the model Zachary Howell created the most ardent session of all.

From now on you can not think of the famous magician without remembering these photographs.

1. Harry Potter will always be our favorite magician

2. And these photos would enchant anyone

3. They are more effective than any Petrificus Totalus

4. Or that a potion of Felix Felicis

5. Gryffindor will always be my favorite house!

6. These photos are perfect!

7. I also want to make magic with that wand

8. And look for him in the Map of the Marauder

9. To this Harry I protect him from any Voldemort

10. ¡Action, Harry Potter!

The best session in the world

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