This project shows the most beautiful side of people with Down syndrome


Despite technology and human evolution, there are people who do not accept diversity in the world and generate prejudices around those who have a different condition or illness.

That is why the model agency Zebedee Management took on the task of showing the most attractive, safe and cheerful side of children and adults with Down syndrome. To achieve this he created a photographic series called The project of radical beauty.

When it comes to Down syndrome, most people are prejudiced, this can be for many reasons, and our goal is to end that.

Daniel Vais, director of Zebedee Management.

At Zebedee Management we strive to make designers and luxury brands include different models. In fact, we already have some important brands that work with our models, that makes us a leading agency representing talents with disabilities or special needs.

The entire photo gallery was shown to the public on March 21 to mark World Down Syndrome Day.

1. Ellie

2. Child

3. Kate

4. Sara

5. Jack

6. Callum

7. Adam

8. Kathleen

9. Harry

10. Isabella

11. Gabriel

12. Cora

13. Chloe

14. Ben

15. Holly

16. Frankie

17. Grace

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