This photographer captures VETERANS of war amputees POSING their injuries with pride and safety


One wonders if war veterans, in particular, will ever again feel normal. Even more if they have lost any of its members. Photographer Michael Stokes will publish a book entitled Always Loyal, which includes shots of veterans and veterans, with or without their prostheses and half-naked. The funds come from a first book, Bare Strenght, which is already a wall calendar that will be on sale in 2016.

The artist based in Los Angeles started the project in 2012, without having planned it. He photographed the sailor Alex Minsky, who lost his leg in Afghanistan and received the Purple Heart. The difference that exists in these photographs is that Stokes, as a former photographer of fitness, decided that the bodies of these soldiers looked as good as any athlete, without making them feel sorry for taking off their clothes.

After he began receiving great media attention, Stokes decided to photograph other veterans, some using their prosthetics and others not. Stokes spends time with them first so they do not feel nervous, especially since so many of these models have posed naked.

This is the Michael Stokes gallery

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