This photo shoot combines the beauty of space and fashion


Can you imagine what would happen if the world of modeling took place in space? The editorial 2b Plus Photo did it: created the photo shoot Models in space: Paris, we have a problem!, and the result was a futuristic and spatial vision. With this session, managers and creators tried to represent what would happen if the Parisian footbridges joined the universe of Star Wars.

The photographs are interesting, mysterious and open to interpretation, you can even guess what a woman pointing to the Earth says or what a button that presses another is for. Thanks to this incredible session, the publisher won four silver and four bronze awards at the Tokyo International Photography Awards thanks to its special effects, and even more so to the recognition of different fashion designers. This is how you see a photo session that simulates taking place in space.

1. Maybe that's how life is outside Earth

2. And so are the aliens

3. It could be that they even have some kind of super power

4. Yes, that of good taste and fashion

5. What if we imagine what happens in this image? We already know who the leader is

6. They do not want to attack the Earth: they want to save it

7. Maybe they are experts to repair galactic ships

8. Do not press that button!

9. They may have the power to multiply

10. And to light the fire with a single glance

11. We will never know what life is like in space

12. But perhaps these images help us to clear ourselves of doubts

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