This online page removes your ex from your favorite photos


When we are in a relationship we almost never think that something can go wrong, we practically fly through the air thanks to love and we believe that we remain forever in that state.

Therefore, there are those who recommend that if you go on vacation or walk with your boyfriend and take some selfies, also you take a photo alone, because you do not know if tomorrow you want to keep a memory of that place where you only appear.

End a relationship or a friendship implies, also, face a daily reminder of that story together, from the contacts of Instagram and Facebook to the photos and videos that confirm that courtship or friendship, but with a person you do not want to see not in your worst nightmare.

In another time, a pair of scissors was used to trim their presence from your photos, but that meant damaging your own image. Now there is an alternative called Edit My Ex, a site where for $ 10 they will digitally eliminate your ex or who was said to be your BFF.

The site was created by Mar Rofe, who found a way to leverage his talent in Photoshop to open a business. Edit My Ex has a tool to identify a person in the photo, cut it out and recreate the background to make it look like it was never there, resulting in a perfect photo for posterity.

My Ex Deleted Pictures Of Us On Instagram (April 2021)