This MODEL is so fit that she was able to show her ABDOMINALS during her pregnancy


Sarah Stage is a 30-year-old model who lives in Los Angeles, California. But she is not any model, and her greatest fame came not because of her work, but because of the enviable body she wore on her Instagram account at 9 months of pregnancy.

In some images it seemed that he did not have a baby in his belly, all thanks to a strenuous training that followed every day so as not to lose the line.

Pregnancy tends to transform the female figure, but in Sarah's body these changes were minimal.

She only gained around 9 kilos during the whole pregnancy.

The model confessed that to maintain her body she maintained a daily routine of soft exercise, did pilates and led a healthy regime.

Although he says he never deprived himself of fulfilling his cravings.

His publications on social networks caused great controversy because his followers commented that his lifestyle was not healthy for the baby.

However, the model has just given birth and showed that her routine did not affect her little son, who is healthy and of normal size.

Now it only remains to see how Sarah continues to surprise us.

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