This man planted thousands of flowers in his garden for his blind wife to come out of depression


Right after Valentine's Day, and when you most thought that the day of love and friendship was just a dirty and false trick of marketing, the most romantic man in the world will end up making you come back to believe in love with the beautiful story you share with his beloved wife

For love there are no limits or time or space, there is not enough measure when two people love each other; and that is how this man showed him by giving his wife the greatest gift of love.

This love story is born in Shintomi, Miyazaki's perfectura, Japan; where the marriage of the Kuroki lives, both farmers of the third age who live around a giant garden of flowers.

And although they receive up to 7 thousand visitors per year, this garden is not public, it is only part of their property.

Mr. Kuroki created this magical place the day that blindness took away not only the sight of his wife, but also joy.

Ms. Kuroki was depressed due to the deterioration of health that she suffered in her sight because of diabetes.

The woman, due to her depression, became lonely and retired at home because she did not want to leave at all.

So Mr. Kuroki, in order to get his beloved wife forward, began looking for ways to claim her and planted seeds of Shibazakura, an aromatic flower.

Soon the Lord realized that the smell of the flowers had an effect on his wife's mood every time she went out into the garden. So he did not stop working for 2 years until he completely covered the garden of Mrs. Kuroki with pink flowers.

The beautiful woman now does not stop smiling, so surely your husband can be sure that all his dedication and love were worth it.

Man Plants Thousands Pink Blooms so People Come to Spend Time with his Blind Wife (September 2020)