This man made an incredible CALCULATION of how much a housewife should earn


Have you ever heard a woman complain because the work of a housewife is not paid while you think how can you think of it! ? Well, you should pay attention and think about things before criticizing it. Steven Nelms, a young married man, father of a two year old, decided to do an experiment:

Because having a babysitter was too expensive for them, Steven and his wife, Glory, agreed that she would stay at home to care for and care for her son. From that moment, he wanted to let his wife know how valuable she was, so she calculated how much she should earn to do the work of a housewife.

As many of the things that Glory did could be evaluated to perfection based on paid work, her husband did the calculation, which he complemented with an arduous investigation and help of experts. The result obtained was published on his own blog We are Glory, impacting thousands of followers until it went viral.

My wife stays at home and takes care of our son every day. She changes diapers, feeds him, plays with him, makes him take a nap and comforts him when he is angry. And that is only the minimum. He demands everything from her: all her love, all her time, all her energy. And she is there. Always listening, always close.

In a detailed analysis, where he considered all the variables, Steven obtained results like these:

Average weekly salary for a full-time nanny (in the United States): $ 705 = $ 36, 660 dollars per year.

Cleaning service per visit (in the United States): $ 50 $ 100 = $ 5,200 per year (assuming you spend $ 100 per week).

Purchasing Assistant (in the United States): $ 65 dollars per hour, 4 hours per week = $ 13, 520 dollars per year.

Chef (in the United States): $ 240 per week = $ 12, 480 dollars per year.

Laundry (in the United States): $ 25 per week (minimizing) = $ 1300 per year.

Financial assistance services (in the United States): $ 15 dollars per hour (5 hours per week) = $ 3900 per year.

Public relations expenses with clients (in the United States): $ 75 per hour (4 people per dinner, approximately 3 times per year) = $ 900 per year.

Clarifying that all the salaries he took into account are very conservative for the care of children, cleaning the house, shopping and other tasks that were taken into account, Steven Nelms concluded that a housewife should have an annual salary of $ 79, 960 dollars. Without adding that there are no sick leave for her, there is no vacation payment or the incentives that a worker can obtain.

After the calculation, Nelms made a statement:

My wife feels that I am condescending when I ask her permission to buy something for me. He thinks that, since it's my money, I would not have to ask him for permission to spend it on me from time to time. The truth is that I am ashamed of the moments when I made her feel guilty when she spent our money on something for herself. I'm really ashamed that I ever felt like I did not have any right to our income, like me.
In short, I can not pay because my wife stays at home. And sadly I have failed to show him the recognition he deserves. She loves me, loves our son, and loves our family, so she obviously does not do things for recognition, much less for a salary. But certainly, it does not hurt to know that the salary that she should have to do the work she appreciates (stay at home) is almost double my real income. So in a very strange way, this is my way of saying how much I value my wife as the mother of my son: You are more than any pricey rock, and I simply can not pay you.

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