This man accepts that he loves someone else at the altar; the bride can not believe it


Imagine that it is the most important day of your life, you have just accepted to marry the man you love and, suddenly, he sends for another woman to tell him that he loves her. Well, this happened to Jessica Millena at her wedding dinner, but, contrary to what you imagine, she shed tears of gratitude.

The speech of the boyfriend, Jefferson Hernandes, captivated all the guests and has gone viral all over the world, because not only did he marry the woman of his life, but he asked his stepdaughter, Giovana, eight years old, to please He agreed to be his daughter and promised to always be by his side.

A crucial moment

I do not know how to define the love I feel for you, because I think it has no explanation. But if I could ask God for anything, I would ask you again. I promise to always give you all my love, protection and give the best I can to make you happy. I love you my love.

After the emotional speech, the girl had the opportunity to accept the proposal of Jefferson and asked her heart to be his father. Then he began to cry.

She accepted happy

Jessica and Jefferson started dating three years ago and the most important moment was when he met Giovana; He was introduced as a friend and joked with the little girl asking if he could marry his mother.

Now they are a happy family

Giovana was five years old, and Jessica had to be careful to introduce me as her boyfriend; I was first introduced as a friend. I became friends with her until the day I could ask her if she could make her mother fall in love.

Jefferson admits that it was fundamental for it to work that the little one allowed it to happen and that they always maintained an excellent relationship.

He is an example for many men

If it were not for Giovana, the marriage would not exist. That's why I decided to talk to her first.

The couple got married last November and even after so long, the video of their wedding continues to arouse interest in many people for the wonderful gesture that this man had; He has also been the role model of other adoptive parents who have decided to treat their stepchildren better.

You can see the wonderful moment here

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