This make-up artist brings her impressive skull designs to another level


The art of cosplay and makeup every day reach a more extreme level, and proof of this are the incredible artists who conquer their followers with transformations almost out of this world. Platforms such as Instagram and Twitter are the perfect place to find these professionals of the brush, paint, glitters and prints. Recently, a British girl became, until now, the queen of transformations with makeup and it was time for you to meet her.

Her name is Vanessa Davis, she is British, a professional makeup artist and a fervent admirer of cosplay of skulls. Thanks to your Instagram account The_Wigs_And_Makeup_Manager, positioned his creations as the most viral. Her originality has no competition and that is why she is the new favorite makeup artist of the moment.

Meet Vanessa Davis

Calling itself Skulltress

It's half Mexican, half British

Her ability to make makeup has made her unique

Combines elements of paint, makeup, prints and shine

The variety among the materials used is incredible

And every look it seems out of fantasy

His designs are inspired by anything

Like a comic book girl and McDonalds

Skulls and Sirens

And even the Statue of Liberty

All with an exquisite sense of aesthetics

Skulltress you will not only fall in love with your talent

It may also make you scream with fear!

So take advantage and get inspired by it

It will be the most wanted girl the next Halloween