This LOCA theory of a fan about the movie TITANIC will blow your mind


A movie fan Titanic He proposed an incredible theory about the true purpose of Jack, the character of Leonardo DiCaprio in the film.

What are the true motives of this fanatic to describe it in this way? We will never know, but from now on, we assure you that you will never see it in the same way.

According to the theory, Jack was a time traveler.

And he was only on the Titanic to save Rose from committing suicide and altering time forever.

This may seem ridiculous, but think about it for a moment

If Rose had jumped from the ship, after her disappearance they would have stopped to look for her; the temporary delay would lead to a warmer climate, and the Titanic I probably would never have hit the iceberg.

That's why Jack spent so much time with Rose, in order to ensure his survival

Here is the first test:

Jack has no money in this period of time, so he plays in order to get a ticket.

Test two: mention fishing on Lake Wissota

This artificial lake was built in 1917, five years after the collapse of the Titanic

Test 3: his haircut and backpack were out of place for the time, they became popular until the 1930s.

Test 4: He tells Rose that he will take her to the roller coaster on the Santa Monica pier, which was built until 1916.

So the only logical conclusion is that Jack must be a time traveler

Or that James Cameron must have included a budget to hire some data verifiers.