This little girl SHORT her long blond hair to help her boyfriend COMBAT cancer


Libby Tucker-Spiers is a little girl who always dreamed of seeing herself as Rapunzel and showing her long hair, but after knowing that her little boyfriend Aiden Selleck was diagnosed with cancer, she wanted to do everything possible to help him.

He had the great idea of ​​cutting his hair to donate it

Although at first her mother, Charlie, told her no, Libby insisted on cutting her hair and donating it to the Little Princess fund, an association dedicated to creating wigs for childhood cancer patients.

The diagnosis of Aiden was kidney cancer, and he had to start a chemotherapy treatment

Charlie said: I took Libby to see him at the hospital after receiving chemotherapy and he was asleep and white as a ghost. He did not look like his Aiden. That, and that her hair had fallen, was what most affected her.

Libby cut 11 inches of her long blonde hair

Now he has started a fundraising campaign with the help of his mother and Aiden's mother to throw a party after he concludes the chemotherapies

The proud moms say that Libby and Aiden love each other

In fact, both children say they will marry and have three children.

Libby's hair has raised 1,140 euros in just three weeks

Libby Tucker-Spiers, who dreamed of being Rapunzel, looks beautiful after helping Aiden.

It is important to know what the signs of childhood cancer are. Thousands of children are diagnosed with cancerous tumors. If you notice something strange in the body of your children, go to the doctor immediately.

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