This little girl is 4 years old, suffers CANCER and is CASÃ? with your favorite nurse It's beautiful!


Abby is 4 years old and lives in New York. He has been battling the cells of acute lymphoblastic leukemia, which is a form of leukemia that primarily affects children. She is currently a patient of the Melodies Center for Childhood Cancer in Albany, New York.

She maintains a positive attitude while facing her illness, but at the time she received treatment at the hospital, Abby developed a sweet relationship with her favorite nurse, Matt Hickling, so much so that she decided she wanted to marry him.

A special surprise

Earlier this week, Abby told her mom that she planned to marry Hickling at her next appointment. So on Wednesday, his mother called him and told him about Abby's idea. Naturally, Hickling accepted and planned a surprise to make it special.

With the help of his co-workers Hickling was able to plan a small fantasy wedding for the next day

Abby was wearing a bright dress and had a bouquet in her hand and Matt wore an elegant tuxedo shirt

Would you take me as your husband? Matt asked. Yes! , she replied, giving him a big hug

The ceremony was complete thanks to a wedding cake and of course, a sweet ring

The nurses took the car with the typical Newlywed sign

Hickling wrote about the wedding in a Facebook message that read:

I hope that one of our patients and their family can always remember this day and smile when everything becomes difficult. I will do it .

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