This kitten lived on the street; now he only sleeps in a doll's bed


Providing a second home to a stray dog ​​or cat is an act of compassion, humanity and love that changes your life completely, as happened to Christina Viscusi, who rescued the little Sophie, a 3-year-old cat that she was mistreated and forced to live inside a cage by her former owner.

When Sophie was rescued, she did not want to leave Viscusi for a second. Each night, when they went to sleep, the kitten went after her, climbed into the small closet and slept peacefully, although her new owner wanted to share her bed with her, Sophie simply refused, so she took action on the matter.

She is Sophie, and spent long nights sleeping in a cage

I tried to sleep in our bed, but I just wanted to sleep in the closet.

Now he sleeps in his own bed

When Sophie came home she took possession of the closet that was in the room, on several occasions I tried to sleep in my bed but she did not want, so I ended up adapting a minirecamara using a doll bed.

Have a set of sheets for each season of the year

Apparently his idea worked and his new friend had the perfect place to sleep.

He loves stuffed animals

Viscusi shares Sophie's new life through her Instagram account, where she has more than 100 thousand followers.

Enjoy the sunrise from your bedroom

After Sophie fell in love with the Internet with her way of sleeping, Viscusi created a page where you can find everything from shirts and cups to custom wreaths, and part of the proceeds are donated to animal rescue centers.

Sleep be converted into your new hobby

After a few nights, I took everything out of the closet and put his bed there.

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He only gets up at around 3 to eat something, then goes back to bed until the alarm sounds in the morning. He gets into bed and sleeps all night.

Now Sophie enjoys a quiet life

Sophie enjoys a decent life full of comforts.

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