This kitten has the best ballet steps you'll ever see in your life. You have to see it!


The owners of cats say that there is no smarter and clever animal, and while there are those who doubt this statement, an adorable feline confirmed why they are the most popular animals on the Internet, when he took the networks by storm with his undisputed grace to dance.

Mirko is a very active Japanese cat, who instead of spending the afternoons reclining on the sofa while watching birds through the window, prefers to keep moving and carries the idea of ​​an animal that dances to another level.

1. A perfect example of the fifth position

2. Now Mirko executes a I changed

3. It has more than 40 thousand followers on Twitter

4. It is the new star of the networks

5. Chisa, its owner, started photographing it a year ago

6. You are surprised at the success of your images

7. And he does it just for fun

8. A great execution deserves a great end

Watching Dance Till You're Dead For 10 Hours (October 2020)