This is why you should never cross your legs. When you read this, you will not sit like this again!


Women cross their legs almost always automatically, it is a position that denotes elegance, aesthetics and even sensuality; and we can not deny that we love to sit like this. Our body is so used to sitting in that position because since we are little we have seen how hundreds of women, from our mother, adopt this position.

However, we may be damaging our body and our health in the long term, because we have little knowledge about the functioning of our body's bones. Fortunately we are here to save you, and we want to share with you the valuable information about why you should never cross your legs.

It is better to prevent problems in the future because of this position.

This is what can happen with your body

Paralysis of the peroneal nerve can cause injuries to our legs, causing the contraction of the muscles and causing our feet to literally deviate from the hip.

When you sit cross-legged the blood pressure of your body increases

In 2010, a study revealed that even when you have no circulatory problems, simply taking this position will cause long-term circulatory problems. If you avoid this position you can have a healthier life.

Placing one knee over the other causes the blood to flow directly into the thorax, which results in the blood being pumped from the heart increasing the pressure, or the increase in pressure by tensing a muscle and keeping it in a Stationary position for longer than due to increase the resistance of the blood that passes through the blood vessels.

Your hip can leave the shaft if you continue to sit in this position

Continuing to sit in this position will cause your hip to come off the shaft causing the thigh to deviate from its original position. This, with the passage of time, will cause the head of the femur and the cavity of the iliac bone not to fit as before.

Say hello to the terrible spider veins

Although this condition is usually due to the genetic inheritances that your body has since birth, crossing the legs can accelerate the process of irritation of the varicose veins, giving way to the annoying spider veins that cause your legs to suffer too much.

Crossing the legs causes the small valves in the blood vessels to flow blood in the wrong direction, causing the blood to stagnate and the veins to swell to a deep purple or blue.

Crossing the legs can make you acquire a stooped posture

The same study concluded that sitting cross-legged causes your spine to hunch, bringing with it later problems for the muscles of the back and legs.