This is why Keanu Reeves does not touch women in the photos


In recent days the name of Keanu Reeves has become trending topic on social networks and since the premiere of John Wick: Parabellum Nobody has lost track of him. Much has been said about her falling in love with Sandra Bullock in the movie Speed, and his appearance in the video game Cyberpunk 2077, but what is now on everyone's lips is their strange habit: avoid touching the unknown women with whom you take pictures.

A Twitter user published a series of images in which the 54-year-old actor appears with his fans, whom, very respectfully, he surrounds with his arm but without touching them.

Some netizens joked about it and said that it tries to avoid energy transfer with people who do not know or who are simply his pose of Jesus. But apparently this simple action is part of the method known as floating hand or, as it is known in Korea, respectful hand.

What in some Western countries may seem like something rude, because the proximity is not a problem for Korean celebrities is a daily gesture that shows respect for personal space and the body of others, especially women, whether fans or colleagues.

This gesture has made the love of the fans increase and join the many actions with which the actor shows that he has his feet on the ground: his modest way of living, give up the seat on public transport, chat with people without home and donate much of his fortune to charities.

So much is his acceptance that many have nicknamed him the boyfriend of the Internet, to which Keanu responded during an interview on the red carpet of Toy Story 4: I've been what? He did not know. That's weird. But positivity is always great.

Keanu Reeves Praised for The Way He takes Photos With Women | The Downlow(d) (April 2021)