This is what happened when they put on Victorias Secret swimsuits


Many women grow up idolizing models that appear in magazines, and we hope that one day, when we have finally grown enough, we can also see ourselves in the mirror and look just like them.

A group of Buzzfeed publishers decided to go to a beach in Malibu, and recreate the photos of the Victorias Secret brand. Each one chose their favorite swimsuit model and tried to imitate each pose, with the aim of showing that all women, regardless of the shape, size or color of the body, deserve to wear a swimsuit and wear it on the beach:


Honestly, this was not as horrible as I thought it would be. Do not compare yourself with models. Very few are. You do not have to see yourself as one to wear a swimsuit.


I think everyone should be photographed on the beach with a swimsuit at some point in their life. It makes you feel super glamorous. It is a very fun experience that will help you overcome your insecurities.


It is obvious that any size can be sexy, it does not matter if you are size 0 or 20. Do what makes you happy and in the end everything will be fine. We are all beautiful, sexy, fantastic with our bones, stretch marks and scars. Uff, but how many clichés I'm going to leave now!


I am sending a thousand applauses to the models from all over the world, and another thousand applauses to all of us, the simple mortals. We may not all be models, but the world is a gateway for all of us.


It is important that women and their different types of bodies are represented in the media. Having tanned skin with zero grease does not make you beautiful, having confidence and radiating confidence is what makes you beautiful.


It is very difficult to be objective about our own body, so when someone compliments you, you must believe it.

And always remember: No matter your size or your shape, you're fabulous!

What It’s Really Like To Model Victoria’s Secret Swimsuits (January 2021)