This is the stark truth of the WhatsApp groups; maybe now leave the cell phone aside


Technology has improved our lives in a shocking way, we can make purchases online in other countries, learn languages, keep us informed of the most important events and, in particular, communicate with whomever and wherever one is and the other.

The apps have been essential for you to send messages to your boyfriend at midnight or know the likes of your crush Unfortunately, not everything that shines is gold, especially if we talk about WhatsApp and its groups, where there are some who send prayer chains, sell various products, share gossip or you for certain and do not answer. But for some strange reason, we stay in them

There are all kinds of groups

The nostalgia with friends from preschool to university, the neighbor gossip, the work, the brothers, your best friends, etc. There are so many chats as people in your contact list. The possibilities are unlimited.

Being in a group can be more than annoying

If you are in a chat it's because you want (almost always), but there are some people who forget what is allowed and what is not. For example, those who talk about their life and work so that everyone will know, or those who send messages wanting a good day, at 6 in the morning on Sunday.

There are people who just want to see the world burn

Although WhatsApp is a tool that facilitates communication with our loved ones, it also takes us away from them. Years ago you received letters, gifts and even a surprise party for your birthday, today your friends create a group called Happy Birthday, congratulate you with the shortest phrase they can and send you a emoticon.

Maybe we should remember the value of person-to-person communication and only use technology when necessary.

The unforgivable

Do not answer The blue popcorn drives us crazy, we seem to lose tolerance, we believe that others are there to attend us immediately and we forget that they also have things to do.

When the response has taken too long, there are only two interpretations: a lack of respect and interest on the part of the other person, or that the person with whom we chat is so distracted that they forget to answer.

Everything has its B side

The great danger of chat is that everything we write can be used against us.

In the end, we all have a story on WhatsApp and life without that application would not be the same.

However, remember to communicate in person, go out and enjoy a coffee without looking at the phone every five minutes, celebrate a birthday with a surprise and kiss our partner intensely, not with a emoji.

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