This is the reaction of some MEN to see how they LIKE their girlfriends when they walk down the street


Can you imagine how your boyfriend would react when he saw you being complimented on the street? Magazine Cosmopolitan He conducted an experiment captured on video, which shows how men react when they see their girlfriends being complimented on the street.

The video involved 3 women who walk normally, when strangers begin to flirt with them, try to seduce them and even say words with sexual content.

Afterwards, the couple analyzed the content next to their partner, and seeing the images, none of the three could hide their surprise, or resist the urge to be furious.

This video invites you to think about how women feel when they are complimented. If it's uncomfortable for you, imagine for them. In reality, no woman deserves an offense when she walks freely down the street. What do you think?

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