This is the potion that Asians take before they start their beauty routine


Women fascinate us to make up good, at least to the majority: look for the right shadows, the lipsticks that go best with our skin and even how to make a good outline. All that entertains us and makes us feel comfortable. And then there are the Asian girls

Nobody yet knows how they do it, but their techniques are definitely from another world, and that is just enough to see how they put false eyelashes, implants in the nose and tape to enlarge their eyes, to know why they take so many hours in their routine. But in reality what everyone asks is: what tonic do they drink to achieve that kind of perfection?

We introduce you to Beauty Drinks

It is a type of collagen drinkable that is used to have a firm, elastic and shiny skin, there are even some brands that ensure that it also works for skin whitening, and the latter love to Asian girls.

They are a success for beauty

In Asia they can be obtained at an accessible price in supermarkets, but their effectiveness is still doubtful because there is very little the amount that remains in the skin, the product goes directly to the digestive system. The beauty drinks have to be taken frequently so that the results are visible or have some effect on the skin. Some claim that the excess sugar and colorants they contain can cause more harm than good, especially in the stomach.

Some users doubt these drinks

They have commented that it is only a refreshing drink and that the success behind such great make-up is due solely to the ability of these women to put on even latex and define their nose, jaw and even their ears. The secret is still unknown, but for now we know that there are beauty drinks, so it's a step forward.

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