This is the perfect opportunity to enjoy life and be happy


A new cycle that starts is the perfect excuse to review your life and see what is not working, what you have to let go and what you should continue, but what happens when you are near the middle of the year and the purposes and plans They stayed in limbo? Well, simple, what you should have done between the last days of 201 and something and the first ones 201 and more You can do it right now, yes, you must not stop being yourself. Do you have x days for you to step forward, if you make a mistake in something, correct it and look ahead with your head held high and, why not, also restart your emotions and erase those who are eating you.

Do not forget that there is no better gift than sharing a moment with the people you love; It is important to consider the quality and amount of time you spend with them. Do not get carried away by what they say, think or want others, you are the one who decides how to live life, but do not stay seated watching it happen. Plan your life, in the short, medium and long term as far as possible and with realistic goals.

Also consider that you will have the opportunity to try new things, to live experiences that can mark you for good and for bad, but, above all, think of all the good things that come and that you have to live with passion, as a little girl who is amazed for the day to day.

Another thing, do not forget to love intensely, especially the person who appears every morning in front of the mirror, and give a hug very meaning to that other who is with you no matter what happens, be your mother, father, sister / o, couple, friend, etc., because it is the best way to tell them that you are there and that you appreciate their company.

Take care of your health, even if you get a little hypochondriac, consider a general review of your body and your mind; It does not hurt to have time to spare if necessary when it comes to you and your well-being; and stay away from toxic relationships, from those harmful people who only drag you to the negative and who have not the slightest intention of leaving the hole they dig.

When the day of your birthday arrives, do not regret to grow old, it is a privilege denied to many. Enjoy it, be happy and appreciate that you are here.

Happiness in life consists of always having something to do, someone to love and something to look forward to. So enjoy the simple and, please, do not forget that love does not beg and that, if you have to do it, it is not love.