This is the new trend that has us all crazy on Instagram: Nails mirror!


Constantly at PinkMyRide we try to keep up with trends in manicure, and although we do not always fall completely in love with all these ideas and tricks for the most chic manicure, this time we have discovered the enamel that completely turns the metallic finish in our hands. Mirror nails will be your new favorites to order the next time you go to the beauty salon.

You have to know the real enamel that makes you see your own reflection when looking at these chrome nails. And is that since we met them we are dead of envy of the first that boasts on your Instagram. So that you do not stop following the trend, we leave you everything you need to know about mirror-style nails or #chromenails.

Its mirror finish is amazing

From the first time we saw this style of chrome nails in Instagram we die of envy for the chic and futuristic finish with which this nail style is seen. Investigating in the network we could find the 3 ways to achieve chromed nails the first time and show them off as a diva. For this we discard those metal enamels that we know of all the life. Discover these three methods for chrome nails that you will love.

Try the false nails Dashing Diva for an event

The brand of cosmetics and nails Dashing Diva It has the best false nails with mirror finishes. Its quality surpasses other brands, at least when trying to achieve #ChromeNails or chrome nails. The most beautiful of this style will be perhaps your nail cut. As you probably know, in false nails not all cuts are equal, there are oval, peak and recently the very popular coffin nails that celebrities do not stop showing on their social networks.

However the mirror nails Dashing Divas They are precisely beautiful for their simple and natural cut, since it seems that your nails are really short and clean, which shine in your hands, when in reality they are these elegant inserts. Undoubtedly something that we should try at our next social event. You can get your own set of metallic nails in gold or silver here.

In enamel we recommend Born Pretty

The set of enamels Born Pretty It is one of the best enamels that will help you paint your nails and create this mirror effect. After the first chrome layer, you will combine with a layer of Top Coat or enamel fixer. Watch the full video so you can learn how this mirror duet works.

Get your own enamels Born Pretty here.

Meet the magical chrome powder

The result with this magical powder is simply insurmountable, and will be the reason you need to encourage you to look for these mirror nails that will become your new obsession. The technique consists of two steps, the first will be a black base coat of enamel that will come in your set Powder Chrome Nails; This polish will help you as a background before applying the second step, which is the powder.

The powder is really very fine, so avoiding it to waste you can last for more occasions, with the help of a sponge you will apply this kind of diamond on your nails painted black and after this you will see the magic of this fabulous product that you can get here.

In the end the result is incredible, and although the quality of these products varies in terms of the mirror effect they achieve, the truth is that the brands that we can recommend you in chromatic powder are Bron Pretty and the line of products WildFlowers

Are you ready to try?

This style of queen malevola or diva of the future, no doubt only the most daring and eccentric girls are willing to try it. So get ready to move to the next level of manicure style and go for this trend on your nails today.

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