This is the most moving marriage PROPOSAL! All in honor of his father-in-law


We present the story of Tyler Shelton, a documentary maker and video-blogger who decided to ask the most important question to his girlfriend Haylee Rose, after 7 years of courtship.

The whole idea of ​​the proposal revolves around the approval that his father-in-law would give him to marry his daughter. Haylee's dad, Greg, died in April 2014.

In the video, Tyler, 21, laments that he never had the opportunity to ask for his blessing to marry Haylee before he died. A year later, in Rome, Tyler would get one knee on the floor and show Haylee a ring with which he would commit forever.

The video begins when Tyler calls his girlfriend's brothers to ask for his blessing, and they accept, just like their father would.

During the video Tyler talks to his father-in-law and thanks him for giving him the most amazing woman in the world, and promises to make her happy.

Dear Greg, I'm going to marry your daughter. I always thought that you would give me your blessing one day, and now I know you are here. I would like you to give me your girl, so I promise to be more than you ever wanted me to be. I'll make you proud to call me your son Tyler

Without a doubt, it is a very tender marriage proposal, full of emotion and feelings. Watch the full video here.

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