This is the ideal age difference for your relationship to endure: study


It has always been said that age is irrelevant in matters of the heart, because when you fall in love with someone you only think about what you have in common with the other such as dreams, plans for the future, their feelings and leave aside other aspects such as age. .

Now experts say that the difference in age between a couple can affect the chances of a lasting relationship. Yes, you read that right! A recent study published by the journal Cosmopolitan found that the older the age difference, the greater the risk of rupture.

The bigger the more problems

The researchers studied more than 3,000 couples and the study revealed that a difference of five years has 18 percent more probability of terminally ill. If we talk about a difference of 10 years, it increases to 39 percent of failure and with 20 years, to almost 95. It seems that finding an older man is the recipe for disaster.

Yes, there is an ideal age

According to this analysis, the answer for a lasting relationship is a difference of 12 months, because with this there will only be a 3 percent chance of you separating from your partner. One year is the synonym of love.

There are exceptions

While experts look for patterns, let's be honest, relationships go beyond any theory, and there are several factors to determine that someone is right for you.

In Hollywood there are some exceptions. One of them is the marriage of Catherine Zeta Jones and Michael Douglas, whose difference is of 25 years, and although both have recognized that it has not been easy, their 17 years together are a proof that age is not an impediment to find the true love.

We like older women

Another study conducted four years ago in which more than 2,000 people were interviewed, revealed that only 1 percent of women chose men younger than them. Those who did not, said that having an older man in their lives would bring more happiness. In addition, one in three say they would date someone 7 years older.

Whatever your tastes or preferences, the truth is that age will never define the relationship.

PHILOSOPHY - David Hume (April 2021)