This is the first line in the world of dolls with DISABILITIES. They are fabulous!


The British toy company Makies allows you to customize your dolls through 3D printing. Thus, girls can create dolls of all skin colors, hair types, accessories and much more. But now the company has just announced a new line of dolls with disabilities. Three types have been created: one with a hearing aid, another with a birthmark on the skin and the last with a cane.

The brand seeks to offer greater diversity by making toys that reflect girls in more exclusive ways than those currently offered by the market.

The company made the decision to create the dolls thanks to the Facebook campaign #toylikeme, which called on manufacturers to create more real characters with disabilities so that the little ones could feel identified.

Toys with makeover using the hashtag #toylikeme They have been widely shared by parents of girls with disabilities, reaching 50,000 people thanks to the enthusiastic support of parents who are avid for positive representation of disability in toys.

Makies is adding more accessories. The next step will be a wheelchair, also printed in 3D, tailored to the characteristics of the birth of its future owner.

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