This is the dictionary of the feminine language that every man needs to know


Let's face it: women are known not to speak directly, and sometimes we are tied to the idea of ​​not letting see beyond our emotions. This makes the man and the woman not understand each other, and it is not that one is from Venus and the other from Mars, but that there is simply no good communication either physical or verbal.

It is not about misinterpreting, but about knowing the person with whom you speak, because we do not always know how to express ourselves correctly. Although reality dictates that men do their best to understand us, here we present a small dictionary with some of the phrases most used by us, and perhaps that way they understand what we really mean.

1. Ah

I do not believe you at all.

2. Aha, OK, it's fine, perfect

It's not right, nothing is going well, much less perfect and any time will tell you what I really think.

3. Do not tell me, and then?

I know you're lying, I just wait for one detail, the smallest one to corroborate my suspicions.

4. Do what you want

If I were you, I would not do it, better do what I told you.

5. Do not worry

YES worry, because I will look for any reason to see how you pay little by little what you did to me.

6. He is only my friend

Put your batteries, because there is someone that I like more than you and is working harder.

7. It's not you, it's me

Oh, no! The truth is you, I suggest you review step by step the movements of our relationship.

8. It does not matter

If it matters, in fact, the future of our relationship depends on that.

9. Have a good time, have fun

I'm laughing at you, do not go to that bar with your friends, it will cost you dearly

10. You greet your friends

Your little friends too, you unhappy bastard!

11. What?

It's not that I did not hear you, I'm just giving you the opportunity to change your mind.

12. It does not bother me

The truth does bother me, and much more than I am willing to acknowledge in front of you.

13. Jealous, me?

No, I'm not jealous, I'm what follows from #% & $ &&.

14. If you do not want to be with me, leave

Do not even think about leaving me, I'll leave you first.

15. We go wherever you want

I told you repeatedly where I want to go, if you would pay attention you would know.

16. I call you

Oops, I forgot

17. We leave it for another occasion

With me there are no second chances

18. I do not know

Yes, I know, but I want you to read my mind to decipher what I meant.

19. I'm busy

I really do not have anything to do, but I do not want to go out with you.

20. Yes, No, hahaha

Your talk does not interest me.

21. I love you too

Yes, but as friends.

22. Now I am angry

She already accepted that she is upset and from now on, the conversation will go badly.

23. I do not have anyone to go with

Pick me up.

24. I'm not screaming

Yes, I'm screaming because I think this is important.

25. Very good

I will meditate carefully before deciding how and when you will pay for your audacity.

26. It does not matter, as you say, it's the same, do what you want

It's my feminine way of sending you to the devil.

27. Yes, my love

I'm trying to make you think you're right, obviously it's not like that, but we better avoid a problem.

28. Do not worry I'll do it

I think I have told you many times that you did it, but anyway, I do it, and that does not make me very happy.

29. Thank you very much

Pure sarcasm, I'm not saying thank you, I just do not want to let my anger out in front of others.

30. I have nothing

I'm taking the train with me and I want you to risk your soul, if necessary.

The Manslater: (Woman Language Translator) (January 2021)