This is the BURNING math teacher we all want to have


We must accept that we have all hated mathematics at least once in life, but if we had such an attractive teacher who works as a professional model, surely the situation would change.

This teacher, considered the most handsome of the world, managed that the students were extremely interested in looking for information about him once they discovered his true identity:

From teacher to model

Pietro Boselli, Italian, is not only an academic at the University College of London, he also models for Armani, including his underwear collections.

Handsome + Intelligent = Pietro Boselli

He has a PhD in mechanical engineering, but, for obvious reasons, he was chosen European modeling champion fitness in 2014.

Boselli, 26, graduated with the highest average and earned several academic awards.

Hard work

When he does not train (two or three times a day) he gives talks to university students and works as an assistant professor.

Advertising strategy Why not?

As you will suppose, Pietro is a good strategy for girls to attend college, although several have written on social networks that it would be difficult to concentrate on classes if Mr. Bocelli were their teacher.

If you want to know more about this sexy model and teacher you can visit his Instagram account.

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