This is the bodyguard of the president of South Korea who breaks hearts on the Internet


A couple of weeks ago, the Internet went crazy when the world began to turn its attention to the bodyguard of nothing more and nothing less than Moon Jae-In, the new president of South Korea. Choi Young-Jae is the name of this tireless guardian of security and the owner of the hearts of hundreds of followers in Twitter.

The reason? Simple, politicians seldom turn out to be handsome and attractive men - though when they are, my God! On the other hand, the figure of the bodyguard is honestly something sexy when it comes to a well-built and handsome protector, and Choi Young-Jae is living proof of that.

Meet the bodyguard of the President of South Korea

It's no wonder that more than one girl prays for Choi Young-Jae to take care of them better than any president. Nobody blames them for that.

His look of seriousness while doing his job is EVERYTHING

Here Young-Jae keeping calm while the president raises his hands as if nothing else mattered. It is clear that you are ready to take action at the first alert call.

Ok, it's too much seriousness

A lot, that is, would not it be nice to be the lucky girl to paint a smile on this man's face?

We discovered the less serious side of this bodyguard

The Internet did not stop until it found the less serious side and a smile of the charming bodyguard.

Alert spoiler: the smile includes a hard abdomen

All this and more are taught to the boys at the bodyguard academy. Applause!

The most beautiful part? Choi Young-Jae loves his job

According to an interview for Korea Times, Young-Jae worked for a special security service in South Korea for 10 years, until his recent position as the president's bodyguard.

Our team is not from a private security company. We are just people who support our president and we like him. Thinking about this idea is the way we help our country and we feel valuable with the work we do. We are proud to use our strength to protect our first president.

Choi prays that looks focus on the president

I am surprised, but at the same time mortified by this new fame. It feels good, but I'm worried that attention will turn around me, when it should be focused on the president. I do not want to steal his camera, he is the important one.

Yes, he is cute, protective, centered and humble

All these features in a bodyguard They are familiar, right?

Does it remind you of someone special?

Admit it, you also dreamed for a second what it would be like to have such a bodyguard in your life, but that's okay, we all know that Witney Houston and Kevin Costner are to blame.

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